High Performance Graphics 2014

Lyon, France | June 23-25, 2014


HPG 2014 will be in held in Lyon, France at the Grand Amphitheater of the Université Lumière Lyon 2, a member institution of the University of Lyon. The hall is situated in the center of the city and is easy reached by air, train or car. There is ample public transportation, above and below ground, including a train from the airport. During the conference, lunch and coffee breaks will be provided.

Lyon is a great city to visit as a tourist. As an UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are well-preserved elements of architecture and history to see and explore from all periods of the city’s development. Famously, this includes its founding as the Roman city of Lugdunum and its importance in the silk weaving trade starting during the Renaissance. (Lyon is a great place to see a working Jacquard’s loom with its chain of punch cards!) This is, of course, all in the context of a modern, well-equipped city full of attractions, art, cuisine, shopping and leisure services. The surrounding area includes many outdoor and rural activities, including the varied Pilat Regional Natural Park.

This year, the conference’s traditional banquet will be held at Château d’Envaux in the Beaujolais region, north of Lyon. You can look forward to a visit to the vineyard and an excellent meal in beautiful surroundings. Transportation will be provided.