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High-Performance Graphics is a highly-visible, international forum, with established roots, for exchanging experience and knowledge related to computer graphics algorithms, hardware, and systems. The event offers a unique perspective on graphics by combining discussions and constructive critique of innovative concepts as well as product-level designs.

Last year’s conference was our first in-person since 2020, and we had our largest ever European attendance, over 200, completely selling out our venue. The live streams were watched by hundreds of additional members of the community, and over the last year the posted recording have been viewed approximately 2,500 times. This year’s event will be held July 26-28 in-person in Denver, directly before SIGGRAPH, and we expect to have a similar robust attendance and reach.

The High Performance Graphics organizing committee would like to ask your company to consider sponsoring us this year. With your generosity we will be able to maintain our tradition of bringing together world-class researchers, engineers, architects and students with an affordable registration fee. Your support of the conference demonstrates leadership and good will in the graphics community and provides an efficient opportunity to recruit highly specialized individuals that match your business needs.

We invite and welcome corporate support in the categories outlined below.

Nurturer $10000 Only two left!

Limited to a maximum of three sponsors, benefits include:

Benefactor $6000

Benefits include:

Supporter $3500

Benefits include:

Banquet Sponsorship $6000

One of the defining characteristics of our conference are the lengthy meals and breaks that allow attendees to talk informally and at length about topics in our field. A real highlight is our annual banquet. By sponsoring the banquet, your company will be directly associated with this custom and receive additional recognition.

The Banquet sponsorship has been claimed!

Not For Profit Organizations

Qualified organizations such as universities, research institutes, membership organizations, and consortiums may be entitled to the benefits of a level described above for a reduced rate. Please contact the conference treasurer to determine if your organization is eligible.

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