HPG 2023 was hosted by TU Delft, at two different locations within the campus.

Monday and Tuesday

On Monday June 26 and Tuesday June 27, presentations were in the Theatre Hall on the second floor of X TU Delft (with registration outside the hall). EGSR used the same venue on Thursday and Friday.

X Theatre Hall X TU Delft

The room has capacity for 175 people and has an adjacent foyer where there were coffee breaks; there is also a café located on the ground floor.

X (Mekelweg 8-10, 2628 CD Delft, Netherlands) is TU Delft's culture and sports centre.


On Wednesday June 28, presentations were in the Ampere Lecture Hall on the ground floor of the EWI Tower. This is the same venue as EGSR used for the shared day, giving us space for the combined number of attendees.

Ampere Lecture Hall EWI Tower TU Delft

The EWI Tower (Building 36, Mekelweg 4, 2628 CD, Delft, Netherlands)is the Electrical Engineering building of the Faculty of EEMCS.

The TU Delft campus

Daily about 27.000 people travel across the TU Delft campus: students, scientists, visitors and employees of the university and the companies on campus. Stretching over 161 hectares, the campus is larger than downtown Delft and one of the largest university campuses in the world. The campus has been equipped with an extensive bicycle and pedestrian road network. The TU Delft campus has a green, parky character. Large parts of the campus are therefore only accessible on foot, by bike or by public transport. There is a bus stop in front of X TU Delft with a direct connection to the city centre and train station.

TU Delft Campus TU Delft Flag


By plane

From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport services all major airlines. The train connection from Schiphol to Delft is a 40-60 minute train ride. Trains leave from Schiphol roughly every quarter of an hour.

From Rotterdam The Hague Airport

The nearest airport is Rotterdam, The Hague Airport. This airport has 40 destinations in Europe and by its size, has a shorter check-in time. From here, a bus and train are needed to reach Delft (30-40 minutes). Or take a 15 minute taxi ride to Delft.

By train or bus

Delft is accessible by train from Paris, Brussels and London. Although the high-speed trains do not stop in Delft, you can get off in either Rotterdam or Den Haag HS and get a connecting train to Delft (10–15 minutes). Trains from Germany come via Utrecht CS and Amsterdam CS, both of which are about 50 minutes from Delft on a connecting train.

To travel by public transport, you can use your debit card.

Once in Delft, at Delft Central Station, several buses depart to Delft University roughly every 10 minutes.

  • 40 direction Rotterdam Centraal
  • 69 direction TU Technopolis via TU
  • 174 direction Rotterdam Noord

More information on buses is available on the 9292.nl trip planner.

You can also take the new Waterbus from Station Delft and get off at Nieuwe Haven or Rotterdamseweg. From any of these stops, it is a 10-minute walk to the event venue.

Taxis are available via Taxi Delfland or calling +31 (0)15 364 64 43.

By bike

In Delft, you can also rent a bike and easily move around. There are a few places where you can rent a bike, for example, Firstplus, Fielfiets and BikeTotal. Some hotels also offer rental bikes.

By car

The campus is easily accessible by car via the A13, exit Delft/Pijnacker and exit 10 Delft Zuid/TU-wijk. Parking is available.

Delft shuttle service

Delft has a shuttle service running every day from 10:30 to 17:00. There are several stops around the city, including one at TU Delft library. The day ticket costs €5,-.


A number of hotels are within convenient walking distance of X TU Delft. We were able to arrange discounted hotel bookings through Moonback (other booking services are available); there was no official conference hotel. Students may wish to consider hostel accommodation as an economical place to stay; the Committee can recommend Hostel Rotterdam.

(Thanks to EGSR for the venue information.)