High Performance Graphics 2021

July 6-9, hosted online

Student Competition

Submissions 2021


HPG 2021 is extending an invitation to enter a submission into our student project competition! Submissions will be judged based on novelty and impact and all submissions will be hosted on the HPG website. The top submissions will be awarded the opportunity to present their project, online during the HPG poster sessions, along with a free registration grant to attend HPG 2021. The top two projects judged on the submission and presentation will be recognized live during the conference. The winner will receive a cash prize of USD $750.

This year, the theme of the competition is “Graphics for the Greater Good”. We invite students to submit work that creatively re-purposes specialized graphics software, hardware and algorithms. The goal of the competition is to encourage creative thinking and to leverage the novel perspective of the computer graphics student population (our newest members of the HPG community) to explore the opportunities to improve the world for future generations.

2020 brought unprecedented changes to the global community, with COVID-19 restricting travel and in-person interaction beyond anything seen in the last hundred years. Graphics applications can provide opportunities to connect people even at a distance in virtual reality and video conferencing. In fact, HPG 2020 brought more attendees than ever before through online participation, and we encourage research to broaden this remote human connectivity. Other topics of interest include culture, inclusion, environment, and economic development. As graphics and visualization have been important tools for understanding infections, and the global pandemic, those tools and applications would be of particular interest this year.


Anyone who is a student at the time the work is completed is welcome to submit a project. We encourage submissions from underrepresented groups in our community — please also see the HPG 2021 Diversity and Inclusion Program.


Projects are not required to be publication ready, however rigor and quality will be integral criteria for judging submissions. We encourage topics that leverage new hardware and API features for the greater good beyond graphics. Please keep in mind the following motivations for choosing a project.

  1. It involves a high performance graphics or visualization technique.
  2. It furthers understanding or achievement in a field outside of graphics for the betterment of humanity.


Submissions must be in the form of a self-contained webpage, to be hosted on the HPG 2021 site. The page should introduce and summarize the project, provide details and descriptions of methods, provide results (images, charts, tables), and provide a link to a YouTube video or interactive demo displaying the work in action. Voice over on the video is welcome though not required. However, please include the text “submitted to HPG 2021 student competition” in the video description, so that we can identify the work as yours. We encourage submitters to provide links to source code when appropriate.

Here you can find a sample web page template. (Credit: Elena Vasiou, University of Utah). Please use it, as opposed to spending any large amount of time optimizing your CSS and javascript! You may of course choose to create your own, however it must be hostable on the HPG website.

Submit the complete web page as a compressed zip to studentcompetition@highperformancegraphics.org

Please note upon submission you authorize HPG to host your webpage on the HPG 2021 website.


Submit projects – Deadline Monday, June 21st

Receive acceptance notifications – Monday, June 28th

Present projects live during HPG 2021 – Conference runs Tuesday July 6th – Friday July 9th

Winners announced – Final HPG session, Friday July 9th