High Performance Graphics 2023

High-Performance Graphics (HPG) is the leading international forum for performance-oriented graphics and imaging systems research, including innovative algorithms, efficient implementations, languages, compilers, parallelism, and hardware architectures for high-performance graphics. The conference brings together researchers, engineers, and architects to discuss the complex interactions of parallel and custom hardware, novel programming models, and efficient algorithms in the design of systems for current and future graphics and visual computing applications.

HPG2023 will be held Jun 26-28 in Delft, Netherlands, co-hosted with the Eurographics Symposium on Rendering Techniques (which is held from Jun 28-30, and shares a keynote with HPG). Most sessions will be streamed online and are expected to be available after the conference on YouTube.

We look forward to seeing you at HPG 2023!

Our registration system for attendees is now running.

We are excited to announce that the course “A gentle introduction to Vulkan for rendering and compute workloads” will be presented at HPG. This will be available to all attendees, but we will also be providing a reduced-price registration for one day to make this course more accessible to students.

One more thing. For those still waiting for their complementary Cornell Boxes from HPG 2022, don't worry, they are coming soon. Manufacture has taken longer than hoped, but Andrew is spending his spare time with a spray gun...